Sunday, January 27, 2013

All Done...

My stress levels seem to be under control now. We actually finished the suite on January 11th when I had my final inspections. There were a few anxious moments leading up to that, mainly with the fact that the plumbers could not turn off the water valve in the alley so they they could hook up the water lines to the suite. This was Wednesday. Two days from my final inspection. How important is water anyway?

They said I needed to call the city and arrange for the valve to be steamed to force out the crud that had accumulated so they could get their wrench to work.

I called 311 and was told I had to make an appointment and that Tuesday was the next available date.

No problem considering my tenants have given notice at their current residence and are supposed to move in on Tuesday.

I managed to convince them that this was an emergency and they arranged for a city crew to arrive within an hour or so. I also got a follow up call from the city to tell me that this was not a true emergency and that it would cost me a fee.

The city crew couldn't get the valve to budge and they said that they would have to dig up the alley and install a new valve since the current was was beat up so bad. Nothing serious, just a two week wait.

A little inquiring with the city crew and they said that sometimes the plumbers can freeze the lines long enough to install their valves and get the water running. A quick call to my plumber and they were able to get that set up for the next day and and get their inspection done. Of course that was another expense since they had to rent the needed equipment.

On Thursday the plumbers installed the tankless water heater and their inspector came in the afternoon only to fail the inspection because the vents to the water heater weren't installed to code. More stress.

I had already called for a final inspection for Friday knowing that all of the other inspections including heating and electrical had to be done beforehand. As it turned out, the follow up plumbing inspection took place about 15 minutes before the final inspector arrived.

When I met the final inspector I asked if I should just curl up in the fetal position in a corner while he did his thing. I had heard horror stories of long drawn out inspections where they walk around and measure everything and find some little code violations to hold up the final approval.

The inspector turned out to be a really nice guy. He kept saying, "Wow this is really nice." and he was done in about 15 minutes and we had our final approval. All he asked was that we put  a peephole in the door. Who knew? Actually everyone who came through was really impressed with how nice the suite looked.

 At the last minute we decided to tile the wall behind the vanity.

 Bedroom closet under construction. We had an amazing finishing carpenter and the closet came out really well in the end.

 Washer and dryer waiting to be installed in the bedroom closet. We stacked them to save space.

 Kitchen is almost complete.

 Backsplash almost done. You can see that the ceiling vent for the rage hood is off center. Curses! My finishing carpenter built a box that blended the vent with the ceiling and also accommodated the sloping ceiling.

 Our storage closet off the living room. Initially we were not going to install shelves and just let the tenants put their own stand-alones in but I'm glad we did in the end.

 Carpets went in on the last Monday

 This photo is a little yellow but I'm pleased with how the fireplace came out. 

Our plumber working on the tub.

 I'm pleased with how the bathroom came out. The tub is six inches wider than the standard 5' tub.

 Nice toilet. At least I think it is. I never got  a chance to try it out.

Bathroom vanity and mirror. Our brother in law, Chris Morgan, built the custom vanity and it came out awesome. I'm glad we decided to tile behind the vanity.

 View of the completed living room.

The tenants' moving crew relaxing.

 As I mentioned earlier, inspections were completed on Friday. The tenants weren't supposed to take occupancy till Tuesday the 15th but I let them move in on Saturday. I figured that would be the best for them to get help etc. We were still doing some finishing touches when their first truck showed up at 9:30.

The only thing I regret is that there was never a time where I could walk around a completed suite and take final photos.

Oh well, at least it's finally done after 4  months of actual construction and months of preparation beforehand getting approvals and permits.

I'm back in Utah as I write this and life is back to normal, whatever normal is. We'll head back in May to clean up the yard and do some landscaping.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Controlled Chaos

I got back from Utah on Wednesday night. Painting and finishing carpentry proceeded on Thursday and then on Friday everyone was there. The plumber, the electrician, the painter, the carpenter and the tiler.

It was great to see so much activity. I've been stressed out lately wondering if everything will get done by the time the tenants are supposed to take possession on the 15th but it looks like everything will be done on time. I've asked everyone to be done by the 10th so I can get my final inspections taken care of a few days in advance of the 15th and it looks like we'll make it. Cue Barry Manilow.

 Our painter hard at work. He just needs to do some touchups and put a final coat on the walls. Should be done by Monday. You can see that there is still a lot of clutter with the trades' tools and such. I'm anxious to get those cleaned up.

 Our plumber setting up shower ready. The toilet is already in place. Water will be hooked up Monday.

 We decided to tile part way up the wall behind where the vanity will go. Just waiting on a final row of tile and then the vanity can go in.

 Our laundry set waiting for the closet to be completed.

This is part of the walk-in closet. I didn't do a very good job of taking this photo. There's another unit on the left that you can't see. The carpenter just needs to put in the baseboards and rods and shelves and it's done.

 Backsplash is almost done in the kitchen. we ran out of tile so I had to order more. I just need 10 more tiles to finish the job. They should be in by Tuesday. A little concerned about the vent for the range hood being off center but I'm sure the HVAC guy will sort that out.

Entryway is complete except for the built-ins for coats and shoes etc. on the left wall as well as baseboards. Carpet will go on the stairs and upper landing on Monday.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Counters went in on Saturday. We were originally planning to go with a laminate but decided about  a month ago to go with quartz.
I'm in Texas for the holidays but Jay says they look pretty good.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cabinets are done

The cabinet install was completed on Monday, They'll need to com back later to fine tune things.
The counters should be going in on Saturday.

In the meantime, the flooring is going down and should be completed today.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


We're in to the cabinet stage. Cabinets were delivered on the 12th and installation began on the 13th. The installer needs Monday to complete the first stage. Apparently one of the cabinets was on backorder but it came in on Friday.

On Friday the counter top folks came in to measure up and create a template to cut our quartz counter tops.
 The bathroom was tiled this week.

 The eaves troughs were done on Monday

 Creating the eaves

 We went with a nice clean mantel to match the shaker doors and other trim

 Cabinets take up a lot of room

 Installation is happening. Yeehah!

 Looking good

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Saturday Dec 8 Finishing Carpentry Begins

Dennis came in on Thursday to start the tile work in the bathroom. He's about half way through. Our finishing carpenter started on Saturday and all of the doors are hung. I guess he's coming in today to trim them up. The cabinets are being delivered on Wednesday with installation starting on Thursday so he needs to complete up the initial finish work before they arrive with all their tools.

 Coat closet. We went with a 3 panel shaker style door. Love them.

 Closet off the living room area for extra storage.

 Nancy's office pocket doors with inset pin glass.

 Pin glass pocket door on the walk-in closet in the bedroom.

Tile work is about half done in the bathroom. 
Note Nancy's niche which will have a towel hook and a toilet paper roll dispenser.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We're Painting!

We're back on track. Coutney, the painter, came yesterday and started the painting process. He primed the ceilings and got one of the two final coats on most of the ceiling.

Today he finished the first final coat on the ceilings and primed all of the walls. Tomorrow he'll apply the first of two coats on the walls. He'll come back at the very end when everyone else is done to make any repairs and apply the final coat.

Our deck was completed yesterday. My framer did  my deck free of charge.That was a wonderful surprise that I didn't expect  He said it was a gift for being so good to them when they were framing the house. Nancy fed them on several occasions and I guess that was appreciated. Way to go Nancy.

 Day one, painting ceilings

Applying primer to the walls